• Since before he could speak words, it has always been clear that Joshua Steele has expressed himself creatively. Throughout his entire childhood, many saw the artist within him, as he brought his vast visual imagination into life in various mediums, from molding clay, to drawing pictures, to writing stories. In high school, Joshua's craft transitioned from hands on art to digital art. He dived deep into the digital world, immersing himself with professional video editing software, and began to dabble with editing his very first amateur short films. By the time Joshua was entering college, in 2008, it was inevitable that he would continue down the creative path and pursue his dream as a filmmaker, at the Academy Of Art University in San Francisco.

    During his four years at AAU, Joshua transformed from an amateur filmmaker to a professional. With an emphasis in Film Editing, Joshua learned the craft of cutting narrative stories. As a student (and later on as a working professional), he has edited dozens of film projects, including short films, commercials, music videos, trailers, sizzle reels, corporate videos and more - some of which can be seen on the Portfolio page.

    After graduating college, in 2012, Joshua made the move to Los Angeles, to join the film industry. Six years later, he has built a resume that includes experience working freelance in post-production at companies including Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, and Legendary. He has also gained experience working on multiple television shows for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Oprah Winfrey's Network. In addition, Joshua has worked on a handful of sizzle reels for television shows in Development, Electronic Press Kits for major feature films, television promo spots, and short form internet video content.

    Joshua's ambition has always been to become an Editor of major feature films and / or scripted television shows. In 2016, he found his way into major feature film editorial, and has since worked in post-production on 3 major blockbuster feature films: The Great Wall (2017), Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017), and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). He recently earned membership into the Motion Picture Editor's Guild, IATSE Local 700, as a Union Assistant Editor. Joshua is always on the lookout for any opportunities to demonstrate his talent, knowledge and passion for scripted film and television post-production, and continues to seek Union Assistant Editor or Apprentice positions. He also accepts opportunities to edit smaller low-to-no budget short film-related projects, such as music videos, commercials, or narratives. Please see the Contact page to get in touch!